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Steel-structure storage halls for effective storage

We manufacture tailored steel structure storage halls for diverse needs.  Weckman steel structure storage halls offer free storage space to ceiling height and high loading space for warehouse applications. Weckman halls can easily be modified according to purpose.  For example, the required number of sliding doors can be added between arc beams and both ends of the building, or a tall and wide loading door can be added at both ends of the building for large machinery.  For more information, please contact your nearest Tuhti steel structure storage hall retailer!


Ridge-roofed cold storage halls WS


The most popular prefabricated steel-structure storage hall in Finland


  • Tried and tested quality since 1980 
  • Self-supporting, dip-painted box beam steel frame
  • Standard roof inclination of 15° and eaves overhang of 50 cm
  • Batten board mount points with 60 cm (roof) and 90 cm (wall) interval
  • Standard hall type has box beam ends 
  • Frame distance dependent on regional snow load requirements
  • Halls available also with 27° roof inclination and extended 70 cm eaves for an extra price
  • Free storage space from wall to wall and from floor to ridge 
  • Can also be wood-panelled
  • Accessories available: sliding doors, windows, light panels, covering sheeting, anti-condensation felt for roof sheets



  • Hiring the construction team
  • Hiring the chief engineer and site manager in charge as required by regulations
  • Ordering a layout drawing and foundation plan from the chief engineer
  • Obtaining the timber required for the construction work
  • Following the storage specifications provided. Note! The manufacturer is not responsible for damage caused during storage and installation.


Weckman hangars 2010.pdf
Weckman construction of werehouses.pdf
Weckman WS hangar drawing.pdf 
Weckman one slope hangar drawing.pdf 


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