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Drainage membrane

The membrane of ground structures for protection against mechanical damage and ground water. Used for both vertical foundations, basement walls, as well as horizontal surfaces protected.
It can be used in other areas:
  •  Slope reinforcement and rigidity, ground reinforcement
  • "Greens" roofs
  • Garden formation
  • Refuse playgrounds
  • Tunnels and subways construction
  • Industrial estate
  • Straight Pipe
  • The restoration of old buildings
  • Flood protection
  • Retaining wall rigidity
  • planes drenage
Due to the high pressure-resistance and tear membrane fully protects the foundation filling soil.
Embossed wall separates from the membrane and provide a water drenage.
Around 8 mm high imprint, which made air box, guaranteeing constant air movement. The air box provides yet an additional thermal insulation.
Significantly shorter installation time, because the work can be carried out in all weather conditions.
Additional costs are reduced because no need to use any additional equipment or software. Rolls simply uncoiled.
Reliable protection of soil deposition and root penetration
Effective penetrating ground and surface water drainage is (drainage function)
Indoor climate improvement and additional insulation
With its easy, fast and simple to operate, which saves time and costs
Technical data:
Material high density polyethylene
Embossed height: 8mm
Color: black
Temperature resistance:  -300C   -   +800C
Roll length: 20m
Roll width: 1 m, 1,5 m, 2,0 m
Chemical properties: The membrane resistant to natural acids occurring in the earth and inorganic acids
Biological properties: The membrane resistant to bacteria and fungus, rot-proof, resistant to root growth
Fisical properties: Not pollute drinking water


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